Me and a friend of mine (Road-Kill) work on building computer cases almost or entirely from scratch. My role so far has mainly been to think up concepts, design the outer looks, and commission them/pay for the parts. Road-Kill provides feedback on what is/isn't possible, works out concepts into blueprints and builds them. I am currently the proud owner of two mostly finished projects, with a third one rapidly taking shape in our minds. As far as I know our way of working as a duo, where we both compliment eachother's skills, is unique to the casemod scene. Interestingly, our skills are converging with me having a much greater degree of input into the technical theorising and blueprinting, and Road-Kill designing his very own case, with me only giving minor advice on aesthetics. We're looking into the possibility of expanding our scope and taking commissions from other people, but for now, we're having enough fun defining our style by doing personal cases for ourselves. Together we are known as: R & M Customs.

Build phase:
Project Salvage (revision 2.0)

Blueprinting phase:
Codename: Hrimthurs

Concept phase:
The biomechanoid